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We supply polythene products for waste management

At Imperial Polythene, we appreciate that waste management companies and authorities need high-quality products to run their operations smoothly. That's why we manufacture, store and deliver products directly from our warehouse in the UK.

Litter picking bags

Examples of polythene products we can supply for waste management

  • Domestic waste bags
  • Commercial waste bags
  • Clinical waste bags

The colour, size and thickness of these products can all be customised to your needs.

Why you should work with Imperial Polythene

Polythene production

We're trusted by large waste management companies

We've been a trusted supplier to private waste management companies, facilities management companies and local authorities for 30 years.

Over this time, we've developed our UK manufacturing to lower your environmental impact and refined our polythene by using recycled materials.

Innovation is key at Imperial Polythene. Gather data on the effectiveness of your waste management operations using our unique barcoded sacks.

We'll supply polythene products exactly how you need them

- Product customisation

We produce polythene bags, sacks, liners and films to your exact specification. The colour, size, thickness and print can be tailored to your requirements.

Our products can be produced using bio-degradable, recyclable and compostable materials.

We have a range of finishing options available, including straight cut, bunny ears and wavy top handles.

- Packaging customisation

Your products can be supplied exactly how you need them - be it polypacked, bag on a roll or boxed in set quantities.

- Delivery customisation

Make use of our UK-based storage and receive regular deliveries to match your expected usage, or request deliveries as you run low.

Shrink wrappingShrink wrapping
Polythene production

You'll receive consistent, high-quality polythene products

We're accredited and audited by the CHSA to ensure that our products are manufactured to a high standard.

You'll receive a consistent supply of products which are accurately labeled and routinely tested by our rigorous quality control process.

Hear what our waste management customers say

"A trustworthy and very responsible company, that has greatly supported charities and the third sector in general with their wide range of products. I would have no hesitation in recommending someone obtain quotes from IPP rather than looking overseas in this volatile market, especially as IPP's turnaround times are much quicker."

- Clive Bilby

Customer service staff at Imperial Polythene

Get your polythene products from Imperial

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