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Polythene Products

Imperial Polythene are experts at extruding, manufacturing and supplying bespoke Virgin Grade (or Recycled) Bags, Liners and various Films.

Polythene pellets

We manufacture and supply polythene products for 4 key industries

Waste management products

We produce polythene bags, sacks, liners and films to your exact specification.

We're experts at manufacturing products which use your branding.

Our products can be produced using bio-degradable, recyclable and compostable materials.

We supply these products to private waste management companies, facilities management companies and local authorities.

Compostable Bags

Clinical waste products

We manufacture all types of bags to contain clinical, offensive, infectious or potentially infectious waste.

These products are suitable for the NHS, Veterinarians and Pharmacies.

We hold UN accreditation to design weights: 3, 5, 9, 10, 12 or 15kg

Clinical waste products

Industrial polythene products

We extrude a wide variety of industrial films, bags and sheets for a variety manufacturing sectors.

Mattress bags and films can be produced both printed and plain or just with a recycle logo.

Pallet top and bottom sheets both perforated on a roll or boxed in natural, tinted or opaque.

Collation Shrink film for automated packing lines and heavy duty shrink film for use with heat gun.

Form Fill and Sealing film for high speed fully automated packing lines, plain or printed.

Blue rolls

Products for food

With our BRC accreditation, we are able to supply box, tray, dolav and euro bin covers, liners and bags suitable for direct food contact.

We also produce Form Fill and Seal single wound film for automated filling lines. We supply into a variety of sectors of the food industry including abattoirs, food processors, ingredient suppliers as well as fresh produce growers.

These items can be offered either boxed or on a core (plastic or cardboard).

Food packaging

The benefits of working with Imperial Polythene

Cost effective manufacturing and storage

We run our business efficiently to offer quality products at competitive prices.

Polythene production

Lower carbon footprint

Work with Imperial Polythene to reduce the amount of polythene going to landfill. We’ll happily take back your unused products to recycle the material and produce new products.

We’re located in Slough, so local authorities benefit from a lower carbon footprint for local deliveries.

Green lorry

Made in Britain

We’re proud to be part of the Made in Britain group as long-standing British manufacturers.

Receive regular bag deliveries and depend on us to meet your order requirements.

Reduce your carbon footprint and support UK manufacturing by buying from Imperial Polythene.

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Customer service staff at Imperial Polythene

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