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We are a UK manufacturer of custom polythene products

As a British polythene manufacturer, Imperial supply, store and deliver high-quality polythene products at competitive prices.

Don’t let polythene supply issues impact your business operations

Your dedicated account manager will ensure your polythene products get manufactured and delivered on time for your needs.

Whether you need polythene sacks, tubing, sheeting or packaging, choose Imperial Polythene to benefit from our friendly UK-based support.

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Polythene products manufactured the way you need them

We’re experts at supplying bespoke products for your waste management. We’ve manufactured thousands of different types of products since 1994.

Our quality products include recycled polythene waste bags, virgin grade plastic packaging, sheeting, tubing, stretch film, pallet covers and rolls.

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3 steps to receiving bespoke polythene products

1) Specification

As a family business, we take pride in providing a professional yet enjoyable experience for our clients. When you choose Imperial Polythene, you'll have your very own dedicated account manager by your side. They'll work closely with you, ensuring that every aspect of your custom polythene products meets your requirements to perfection.

We're also up-to-date with the latest industry changes! With the plastic tax now in effect, we'll help you navigate the options between recycled and virgin grade, so you can make an eco-conscious choice that suits your needs.

Not only that, but we're also well-versed in the world of polythene additives. Our expert team can guide you through the selection process, whether you need UV stabilizers to protect your products from sunlight, antioxidants to ensure longevity, or biodegradable additives for a greener footprint.

At Imperial Polythene, we're more than just manufacturers; we're committed to ensuring your polythene products stand out in the market!

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2) Customise your branded polythene products

Your account manager will organise the branding that will be applied to your products.

We can produce clear, coloured or multi-coloured bags to complement your branding.

We use branding plates to apply your images and text to your products. These are produced to your company brand guidelines.

Branding Process

3) Utilise our UK storage and distribution

We'll keep your products in stock in our extensive storage facilities near Heathrow airport.

Receive regular bag deliveries and depend on us to meet your order requirements.

Your dedicated account manager will handle all future orders, delivery arrangements and product changes.

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Get your polythene products from Imperial

Get in touch today to discover how we can help, or request a sample to see how we work.