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About Imperial Polythene

We’re a UK based polythene manufacturer. We provide top customer service to make your polythene production experience hassle-free.

Imperial Polythene Team Holding Polythene Waste Bags

30 years later, we’re still providing outstanding customer service

Sam and Frank established Imperial Polythene Products in 1994, to provide outstanding customer service to customers in need of bespoke polythene products.

We’re one of the few producers of sacks, bags, tubing and sheeting based in the UK. We’re proud to support UK businesses and reduce the carbon footprint for our local customers by manufacturing and storing products near Heathrow airport.

Our vision is to keep developing partnerships with our clients by offering new ideas and competitive prices. Allowing us to tackle global problems with simple effective solutions.

Sam and Frank

UK-based polythene recycling services

We’re actively reducing the amount of unwanted polythene products in the environment. Your unused polythene can be sent back to Imperial Polythene, where we recycle this polythene back through our system and use it to produce new types of product.

Not only helping the environment, but also allowing us to give alternative options on products and pricing.

We produce and store polythene products at our site in Slough, meaning deliveries to our local customers have a small Carbon Footprint.

Polythene recycling services

Providing innovative solutions to reduce landfill

Sam Marsh invented the polythene charity bag to promote the reuse of clothing.

20 years on, we've launched Trackersack - a mobile application tracking system for waste management and asset tracking.

Our Trackersack polythene bags feature unique barcodes, allowing you to track the weight of bags, as well as issues such as contamination.

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Trackable bin bags
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