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Imperial Polythene 30 for 30 Swan Sanctuary Donation

A cheque for The Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton.

On Friday, April 19th, Imperial resumed their community support activities as part of their '30 for 30' pledge, presenting a cheque to The Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton.

On arrival, team members Patty and Spencer met Gemma who has grown up around the sanctuary and now runs the facility. The Imperial team were shown around the indoor enclosures, locating the swanlings/cygnets who were staying warm but generating a lot of noise.

After that it was lunch time and the team fed some swans in the calm and tranquil rehabilitation area, which looked appealing enough to get into. Patty fed them enough bread to rival a bakery, whilst Gemma talked us through the rescue and recovery work the sanctuary carries out

After the peacefulness of the rehabilitation area, we were taken to the main lake where the sight of hundreds of swans and other birds alike were flourishing in a stunning setting.

We presented Gemma with a cheque for £75, which is a critical source of money to help pay for day-to-day expenses like food and veterinary bills. We also got to depart with a stuffed toy swan, which now sits proudly on the workplace desktops.

A big thank you to Gemma for welcoming us on the day. If you wish to find out more about this worthwhile cause, please visit their website at

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