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Imperial Team Volunteering at SRS

Helping Renovate Slough Refugee Support (SRS)

On Thursday 18 April, Imperial Team members, Safwaan, Lorraine and Henna visited Slough Refugee Support (SRS) to volunteer their time and muscle power, helping the SRS team move furniture as part of renovation and painting work.

While there, the Imperial crew met with Slough Refugee Support CEO Taz Mohammed, who gave the team a tour of the building and introduced them to other volunteers working that day. It was a very busy session and the team met many refugees on site who were looking for shelter, as they had nowhere else to go.

Slough Refugee Support sees well over 300 refugees every year from different parts of the world and has been supporting over 400 refugees in Slough hotels. Taz informed the Imperial team about the struggles the refugees faced during the pandemic, particularly the lack of care and support due to the unexpected nature of COVID-19. He also explained the types of people who come to ask for support, such as individuals who have left their families behind or mothers and children without fathers. This situation has a significant impact on their lives.

Safwaan had this to say about his time volunteering, “Meeting Taz and visiting the Slough Refugee Support Shelter was an eye-opening experience for me, Henna and Lorraine. We discussed afterwards the blessings we have that we often take for granted”

Imperial team members Mo and Alex also stopped by with a donation of £250.00 for SRS. We look forward to supporting the charity again and if you’d like to find out more about them and see how you can help, visit

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