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Dario Litter Picking

Litter Picking with Slough Council

On March 25th, Imperial Team member Dario headed off to Chalvey, in Slough and joined the street cleaning team for a morning of litter picking.

As the newest member of the Imperial Team, it was lovely to have Dario participate in our ‘30 for 30’ pledge. It was also a great opportunity for him to get out of the office and explore some of Slough, whilst also contributing to the area’s cleanliness.

Armed with litter picking sticks and waste sacks, Dario accompanied Slough Council team member John, for 3 hours of rubbish collection, bin bag replacement and waste hunting across the neighbourhood. The team loaded the bin waste into their van and drove back to the depot for it to be sorted.

Dario had this to say, “I really enjoyed my morning session in Slough because I’m not too familiar with the area, but it was great to volunteer and learn more about waste collection in the local community. Big thanks to John and Darren for allowing me join them and I can’t wait for the next litter picking session”

Cheers, Dario and don’t forget to pop your litter into the bins provided!

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