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Litter picking with polythene sacks

Keeping Britain Tidy - a Litter Pick with Veolia in Camden

On the 28th March, a team from Imperial consisting of Elizabeth, Patty, Chris and Spencer made their way to Camden to collaborate with a team from Veolia to take part in the ‘Great British Spring Clean’, a campaign run by ‘Keep Britain Tidy’. The event is the nation’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign and involves a pledge to collect a number of bags during a litter pick.

Our team, armed with our very own amazing polythene waste sacks and litter pick sticks, made our way to Lincolns Inn Fields Park, Camden.

Despite some terrible co-driver directions and some in car entertainment which could have been likened to a clubland music party, we eventually arrived to meet the Veolia team consisting of Sam, Emma, and Laura. The awful weather didn’t deter us and after some friendly introductions, and a brief chat, we were put to work.

It was obvious on meeting with the Veolia team that they had a much better version of the litter pickers we had turned up with so after borrowing some of their equipment we got to it.

Whilst the area was pretty well maintained, we did manage to collect a number of sacks of rubbish between us, even after temporarily losing Patty (who seemed keen to audition for a Netflix programme which was being filmed, luckily, she didn’t get the part and returned to the team to continue litter picking).

A big thank you to the team at Veolia including Michael and Victor who helped to make this happen. It was a pleasure to meet and get to know some of the team who joined us, especially Laura, who our thoughts go out to for having to share a taxi and some interesting ‘Imperial Team’ conversation during the journey back to the Veolia depot.

All round a successful team/customer bonding day which at the same time being able to help with improving the environment.

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