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Imperial Polythene at an Exhibition with Trackersack

How Imperial keep on innovating

As we celebrate 30 years in business, we reflect on the innovative solutions we've recently launched

Charity Bags

Sam Marsh (co-founder of Imperial Polythene) invented the plastic charity bag to help promote the reuse of clothing. Supporting charities has always been important to the team at Imperial Polythene, which is why we fundraise and volunteer for several charities – find out who we’ve recently helped on our charity page.

Imperial Polythene at an Exhibition with Trackersack

Responsive UK Support

Imperial Polythene invest heavily in supporting our customers - our team are always ready to take your call. Most of our polythene products are made from recycled materials.

Trackable Waste Bags

Looking ahead, Imperial are now improving commercial waste management by manufacturing trackable waste bags. We have rolled out Trackersack to a range of industries to improve recycling rates, reduce contamination and provide data from waste management.

This is all possible using our uniquely barcoded polythene bags, which are manufactured by Imperial Polythene. These barcoded bags can be scanned using the Trackersack app, providing a detailed tracking history of the bag from cradle to grave.

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Customer service staff at Imperial Polythene

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