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Imperial Polythene at Hedgewood School

Imperial Donate Sand/Water Table and Toys to Hedgewood School

As part of our charity donations this Christmas, we were delighted to support a local school called Hedgewood, based in Hayes.

Dear Diary...

As part of our charity donations this Christmas, we were delighted to support a local school called Hedgewood, based in Hayes.

Hedgewood is a special school for children with Autism and learning difficulties. Children at the school have difficulties with communication and sensory processing.

On the 15th November, two of our staff members, Elizabeth and Patty, were delighted to attend and present a sand and water table which was gratefully received by children and staff.

The gift was complete with sand and toys, which will help to enhance the learning experience for pupils of the school.

Our very own Patty Sandhu’s son, Harvin, who is a pupil at Hedgewood, graciously accepted the gift and eagerly unwrapped it with infectious enthusiasm.

Patty also kindly took some time to give us her story of Harvin and the family's journey at Hedgewood so far, while it was such a worthwhile cause for us to help support.

"Hedgewood School is such a lovely school which caters for all their children’s needs, they take pride in the care and support they offer all of their children.

When we first went to see Hedgewood School it was rather overwhelming, as we were being shown around the school, I become very emotional and had tears pouring down my face seeing so many children with learning difficulties.

The deputy head did pass me a tissue box and said, “You will need this, and you will never regret putting Harvin into Hedgewood School and you will thank us for all the support we do offer”.

Since joining Hedgewood School Harvin is extremely happy and enjoys attending school every day.

He has learnt so much and day to day he is becoming more confident and independent.

Harvin has a speech delay and is currently receiving speech and language therapy - they are teaching and encouraging him to communicate via sign language.

He has poor balance and coordination and requires one to one care on daily basis so they are teaching him fine motor skills.

Harvin has a very close relationship with all his teachers, assistants, and peers.

They also offer support to parents on any hurdles they may come across such as sign language, teaching at home etc…

We do feel a school like Hedgewood does get forgotten for everything they do, and it would be nice just to say a big Thank you and keep up the good work."

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